Before Whatsapp…

Life was so much simpler when there was one definitive king of the messengers. Anyone from my era will remember the early Internet and the one primary form of keeping in touch with friends and family……No not email……MSN Messenger. When I think back now in todays ‘new normal’ the experience was shocking but back then it was the greatest means of social on the planet.

Picture the scene, you return from school, colleague, work, you run straight upstairs to the computer, you boot it up, the screen turns on, you click the freeserve icon (AOL was far to expensive) and you wait……and wait….and wait…….annnnd wait…..dial up at its best. Once you finally got connected you would click the msn messenger logo and your off, ready to chat to the world. I truly owe my adoption of todays platforms to Messenger because back then you could have entire conversations via short abbreviations ie ASL? or BRB, GTG, accompanied with cute little emoticons. It honestly was ahead of its time and even though someone wanting to use the phone in the same household  meant complete disconnection from the internet, many of us still loved the experience.

By todays standard we still have entire conversations with LOL, ROFL, OMG along with emojis but our platform choices are now, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Allo, Twitter, bebo,Viber, kik and Snapchat to name but a few. The world has changed fast and more and more ways of communication keep surfacing and thats ok because its the standard, but in my heart there will only ever be one original King, Msn Messenger this is my salute to you.



The Ultimate comeback???

Remember the brick? That super reliable phone many of us owned back in the day? Remember Snake? Chances are that you owned Nokia 3310 at some point and if you are upwards of 25 years of age, chances are it still remains one of the best phones you ever owned.

So I saw this all over the tech world yesterday and I had to double take, Could Nokia really be re-releasing this classic?, well apparently so. If like me you stay up to date with mobiles you may have been excited hearing Nokia are returning to the mobile arena. Add to the anticipation of new products from this former giant surely the return of a classic would grab your attention.

For those that don’t know , key features were Β ‘Indestructible’ form factor plus a battery that lasted ‘forever’…….OK so slight exaggeration but this thing was built so well just saying that doesn’t do it justice.

Where would this phone sit in today’s market you ask, well there is still a huge percentage of people who do not want or need a smart phone and a former household name like Nokia makes this package a winner in my book.

MWC is just around the corner and I for one am excited at what other surprises Nokia and other manufacturers may have in store…….OEM’s take note, Nokia just raised the stakes.


*UPDATE* Its official the Nokia 3310 has a brand new skin, check it out…


Pokemon Go….Who Cares!!

So Pokemon go did a valentines day event……………..(tumbleweed)

I dunno about you but every time I hear anything to do with Pokemon go its just translates as desperation. Don’t get me wrong when the Niantic blockbuster first landed I was a fully blow Pokemon trainer, like all I could think about was this game above all else to the point that eating and drinking became an inconvenience to me.

But once I had ‘caught them all’ (1st batch) I was done with the game and like many others I had no plans to pick it back up again. My opinion on what went wrong with Pokemon go is that they released it with no real end game, just a repetitive process with varying degrees of difficulty. At peak it was the greatest thing since the discovery of fire,but then 15 million plus users stopped playing in over a month…….15 million, now that’s an attention problem.

Ever since the decline in numbers its just been a constant attention battle with tweaks,changes and events  to try and hold its audience plus recapture more users to the heights of the initial uptake. For me there lies the problem, living in the past and not the here and now.

If i was to give one bit of advice to the creators of Pokemon go it would be simple……Player vs player direct battles……that’s it………I want to be able to go see my friends or even a stranger in the street and battle them there and then for their Pokemon and pokeballs. Add that feature, do that and I guarantee you will see those 15 million users return, and then some. For now it remains a dream but I live in hope, over to you Niantic.


Why I want Nintendo to succeed…

Nes, GameBoy, SNES, N64, those are the Nintendo consoles I’ve owned in my life and the only ones that have ever peaked my interest. Since the days of Sega and Nintendo ruling the gaming landscape I have always had Nintendo in my heart and its pained me over the later years seeing Xbox and Playstation claim numerous accolades while Nintendo has limped along like a 3 legged dog.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Switch can reach the heights of Xbox and Playstation, their grip on the gaming community is far too substantial. But where I do think the Switch’s strength lies is as true portable solution and with this  new hybrid category that the switch creates it could be a real winner.

Every bone in my body is rooting for the underdog, The Nintendo kid in me has been dormant for far to long and my attention has been split 60/40 between PS4 and Xbox One for the best part of a decade. My advice to you Nintendo is simple…..titles, titles, titles……..Classic nostalgic games, Mario Kart, Mario, Zelda…check, but I also wanna see, COD, Battlefield, Fifa, Resident Evil, etc. Get the Gaming companies on board and I have no doubt that you have a winner on your hands.

Now Roll on March the 3rd:-}

– iπŸ–€T

Oh Alexa…

Christmas Day 2016 I finally got my hands on my very own Amazon Echo, and just like that there was another woman in my life….Alexa. Like any other self respecting tech junkie I tore open the packaging and immediately began downloading the relevant app and setting up the what I could in order to test out my new device. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and if I’m brutally honest…Alexa was being neglected……big time.
I’m a real big fan of the the Amazon smart speaker and I really by into the smart home aspect and what that can bring, from setting a simple alarm to controlling the lights in your home. Where I my attention waned was the inconsistency, such as directing unanswerable questions to the app, or when requesting a certain music track playing a sample track instead despite me having the full song in my  Spotify playlist (the latter is extremely annoying)

So its been a  learning curve, I cant interact with it like I do Google Assistant on my pixel, I almost have to dull my intelligence level in order to interact with a smart speaker (crazy right). Ok so that previous line sounds harsh but that’s how it felt. Once you embrace the fact that this thing isn’t Skynet and that it does have limitations, the device itself in my opinion is pretty awesome and now I’ve learnt its quirky behaviour I have really gone full throttle with it over the last week.

I definitely recommend this smart speaker if the smart home thing peaks your interest, and if you do have any reservations then go for the Dot @ 49.99 rather than going straight in @ 149.99 for the Echo. Right now the Amazon product is probably the best option around in the relevant category as the Google Home has Not launched in the UK yet, certainly be interesting when it does though.

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– iπŸ–€T

There is no such thing as the best phone in the world…

Ok so……there is no such thing as the best phone in the world, let me repeat, there is no such thing as the best phone in the world…period.

Most of my work history includes over 10 years plus  in the telco industry and 5 of those years in direct store retail. Ive previously worked my way through from Sales advisor, Supervisor, Assistant Manager and then Manager and throughout that whole time one constant consumer question popped up…”Erm excuse me, could you tell me what the best phone out is?”

Newsflash, the best phone in the world for you right now is the one in your hand, its the one you probably chose or were given, its the one you having been using on a day to day basis and more importantly its the one that fits your needs the most right now. Branding something as the BEST is subjective and as with most things one size does not fit all.

My promise to you is that I will  bring you honest opinions both good, bad and hopefully that may help in some way for making future decisions or maybe you will just stay tuned for shits and giggles either way is good with me.

For those who may be curious my daily drivers are a Google Pixel XL 128gb in black and an Iphone 7 Plus 256gb in matte black and I will be sharing my ‘4 month later‘ reviews on both devices so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for stopping by and I will catch you soon.πŸ€“βœŒπŸΎ

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iLoveT3ch is born…

1:04am in the morning and I’m writing a blog……something ain’t quite right. So this is the beginning of my journey, my quest to build my own brand, to live my passion and hopefully provide some value to those that follow me along the way.

So Lets talk about the attached image, it needs no introduction, but for me it represents my first real addiction of a tech product, and even though I had owned previous home computers ( Spectrum ZX, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga) with ridiculous loading times, the NES console release in 1986 was simply groundbreaking hence I became an instant junkie. Of course when I heard Nintendo were launching a NES mini classic in 2016 nostalgia hit like a ton of bricks and  I was one of many to scramble and get this device, good job I did too as its near impossible to get and one today and those available demand a premium…like 3 x the price premium…Amazon….shame on you.

So If you haven’t guessed by the now, I love tech, like literally everything to do with tech and I plan on sharing my views, opinions on all the wonderful products that I happen to own now and in the future, so sit back relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the showπŸ˜‰.

All feedback is welcome and please feel free to also follow my journey on Instagram- iLoveT3ch and twitter- @iLoveT3ch. EnjoyπŸ€“βœŒπŸΎ


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