DailyMWC17 – LG G6



Its official, the LG G6 has landed.

Ive never previously like LG devices (Excluding Nexus) as I always thought there were trying to hard to be…..well Samsung. On this occasion though my initial feelings towards the G6 are very positive as they have taken a far more conventional approach to their latest flagship.

Currently the internet is being flooded with hands on and reviews so below are a few  vids worth checking out, the first is the official promo reel from LG plus a couple hands on from @androidcentral and @lora_krystal, enjoy.





This is without a doubt my favourite time of the year, Mobile World Congress, whoop whoop. I will continue to blog in the normal fashion but I’m also going to include some short posts, pointing you to whats going on in Barcelona from the key OEM manufacturers.

The first bit of news comes from the guys over at Blackberry with the new KEYONE. I must admit I hold a special place in my heart for Blackberry, the Bold being one of my all time favourite devices.

The guys at @engadget have produced a stripped down version of the event in under 5 mins,

Also be sure to check out the below ‘Hands On’ from @theMrMobile.



Note 7 to rise from the ashes???

I pull no punches when it comes to the Galaxy Note 7 saga, and many describe it as simply shambolic. I owned The GN7 for a total of 2 weeks prior to the fiasco of the recall hitting the global media, and still to this day despite the recall its contender for favourite phone ever.

Despite such a short period of time with the device its safe to say i was very impressed and it was a shame not just to me as a consumer but to many others And the tech world. Samsung tried there best to weather the storm and on the face of things probably did all they could with the issues at hand. Since then Samsung reputation has taken a slight dip despite record profits in certain markets but my question has always been, “what’s happened to all those units just sitting in a factory” ?

Its was widely reported that Samsung collected around 98% of the sold units which  was around 3 million devices. Around 200, 000 units were used in the official investigation so that leaves a estimated 2.8million units sitting gathering dust.

Over the last 24hrs strong rumours suggest that Samsung may been keen to resurrect the GN7 with a smaller battery in selected markets, Although no official word has from Samsung directly, it would provide a possible solution to the large inventory they are still sitting on.

For now its watch this space, lets hope we get some clarification either way over the next few days.



I want a new macbook pro so bad it hurts…

I must walk past istore re-sellers and Apple stores 5-6 times a week and every time I’m in the immediate vicinity I find myself wandering into the store and then playing with the 2016 Mac book pro (touch-bar). There is just something about this machine which has its hooks into me, the design, the spec it’s a wonderful machine, and I’m sure its only a matter of time before I take the hit to the bank balance.

Speaking of money, I’m going to address the elephant in the in the room…..the Mac book pro is absolutely stupidly expensive, I mean ‘sell a kidney on the black market’ expensive. The maxed out £4348.99 price tag  is incredible and the sole reason I’m not typing this on one right now. Instead I’m resigned to my  Chromebook Asus flip 10 inch which work supplied me while my go to iPad pro charges in the background.

Apple, if you could do me a favour and reduce the price by about 50% that would be fantastic…..wishful thinking right. I’m sure by year end I will own one of these machines  as my addiction for tech is too strong but for now the head is winning in the head vs heart battle. I’ll be sure to post and update should I get my hands on one, may even do a product review also.

– i🖤T

Need a new phone….Don’t buy one right now!

Ok so the title should read, “You would be crazy to buy a flagship phone right now”

2017 is set to be the most significant year in smartphones probably since Apple changed the game 10 years previous. All the big manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of what they can bring to the average consumer and this year is set up to be the most impressive yet.

Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)  is serveral days away and for those that don’t no this is were many OEM manufacturers showcase new products and devices. Now the reason im advising holding of is beacause most of the big players will be launching phones off the back of this event, likely around the March, April, May period. All will no doubt be fully loaded with new specs, new designs plus a few bells and whistles thrown in. You also need to think that even if one of these many new devices doesn’t fit the bill then it should still have a knock on effect with price for the current range meaning you get a better deal.

So here’s my brief list of what to look out for device wise, 

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus- After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco 🔥🔥🔥 the company needs to gain back some faith in products wil also maintaining there reputation for constant innovation
  • Huawei P10/P10 Plus– Following off the back off last years successfull P9 and P9 lite, Huawei look to continue some real momentum.
  • Nokia Various devices– This one I’m most excited about, the great return, not sure what devices will be announced but I’m very intrigued
  • Sony Xperia X2, XZ 2– Not a personal favourite of mine but still they will at least have 2 new devices, possibly more across the portfolio range
  • LG G6– Confirmed to be announced and rumours indicate LG have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this device.
  • HTC 11– Probably the least likely to happen seeing as they have just announced the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play

I’d say these are the ones to look out for, Both Apple and Google wont be launching new devices till Sept/October Is my guess but you never know.

So for the sake of a few weeks, wait, weigh up your options, then make a decision, you will be better served for it.


Why I love the new world…

72hrs and counting and I’ve been suffering from man flu (yes it’s real) and while either curled up in bed or on the couch I’m reminded why I love the new world. During my incubation period I’ve been able to still watch all my favourite TV shows and movies, I’ve been able to play the occasional game and more importantly I’ve been able to socialise all through one device.. .my phone. 

I grew up in a world of acorn school computers and floppy disks and as for TV we had 5 channels to choose from, and if you wanted a game snakes and ladders was normally the board game of choice.

Back then the internet as we know it didn’t exist so the ability to socialise in the comfort of your own home was an alien concept, and if you wanted to talk to someone you would either have to get off your ass and go to their house or pick up the house phone and call them. 

The technology landscape has shifted massively in the last 10-15 years and the speed of which it’s accelerating is insane, just think about, movies, gaming and social. Now think about the way we access this content today as apposed to 15 years ago….crazy right. Everything I need from an engagement point of view can be accessed in the palm of my hand, Spotify, showbox, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, to name but a few but I think you get the point.

So yes being ill sucks a great deal but at least being ill in today’s world you no longer have that feeling of isolation, in fact you can be quite productive when forced to sit/lie down for an extended period of time. Always a silver lining.


Pokemon go 2nd gen…

OK so this week I posted about how I had fell out of love with Pokemon go only to find myself re-downloading the app today, go figure. So an additional 80 Pokemon have been added to the mix so the need to ‘catch them all’ should be rejuvenated for many users.

In addition to the New Pokemon some other features are, new evolution items, new berries, plus an expanded wardrobe for selected trainer avatar. It still lacks the one killer feature I believe will be a game changer, that being ‘Player vs player’ although rumours still point towards that end in another future update.

Overall the update is significant enough to have made me download it again, although so far my game play has been more a casual boredom killer rather than that competitive addictive must win mentality which gripped  myself and many of the masses when it first launched.

Only Time will tell on how successful this update will be and if its enough to gain back some of its previously lost users.

Gen 2 official trailer



Before Whatsapp…

Life was so much simpler when there was one definitive king of the messengers. Anyone from my era will remember the early Internet and the one primary form of keeping in touch with friends and family……No not email……MSN Messenger. When I think back now in todays ‘new normal’ the experience was shocking but back then it was the greatest means of social on the planet.

Picture the scene, you return from school, colleague, work, you run straight upstairs to the computer, you boot it up, the screen turns on, you click the freeserve icon (AOL was far to expensive) and you wait……and wait….and wait…….annnnd wait…..dial up at its best. Once you finally got connected you would click the msn messenger logo and your off, ready to chat to the world. I truly owe my adoption of todays platforms to Messenger because back then you could have entire conversations via short abbreviations ie ASL? or BRB, GTG, accompanied with cute little emoticons. It honestly was ahead of its time and even though someone wanting to use the phone in the same household  meant complete disconnection from the internet, many of us still loved the experience.

By todays standard we still have entire conversations with LOL, ROFL, OMG along with emojis but our platform choices are now, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Allo, Twitter, bebo,Viber, kik and Snapchat to name but a few. The world has changed fast and more and more ways of communication keep surfacing and thats ok because its the standard, but in my heart there will only ever be one original King, Msn Messenger this is my salute to you.



The Ultimate comeback???

Remember the brick? That super reliable phone many of us owned back in the day? Remember Snake? Chances are that you owned Nokia 3310 at some point and if you are upwards of 25 years of age, chances are it still remains one of the best phones you ever owned.

So I saw this all over the tech world yesterday and I had to double take, Could Nokia really be re-releasing this classic?, well apparently so. If like me you stay up to date with mobiles you may have been excited hearing Nokia are returning to the mobile arena. Add to the anticipation of new products from this former giant surely the return of a classic would grab your attention.

For those that don’t know , key features were  ‘Indestructible’ form factor plus a battery that lasted ‘forever’…….OK so slight exaggeration but this thing was built so well just saying that doesn’t do it justice.

Where would this phone sit in today’s market you ask, well there is still a huge percentage of people who do not want or need a smart phone and a former household name like Nokia makes this package a winner in my book.

MWC is just around the corner and I for one am excited at what other surprises Nokia and other manufacturers may have in store…….OEM’s take note, Nokia just raised the stakes.


*UPDATE* Its official the Nokia 3310 has a brand new skin, check it out…


Pokemon Go….Who Cares!!

So Pokemon go did a valentines day event……………..(tumbleweed)

I dunno about you but every time I hear anything to do with Pokemon go its just translates as desperation. Don’t get me wrong when the Niantic blockbuster first landed I was a fully blow Pokemon trainer, like all I could think about was this game above all else to the point that eating and drinking became an inconvenience to me.

But once I had ‘caught them all’ (1st batch) I was done with the game and like many others I had no plans to pick it back up again. My opinion on what went wrong with Pokemon go is that they released it with no real end game, just a repetitive process with varying degrees of difficulty. At peak it was the greatest thing since the discovery of fire,but then 15 million plus users stopped playing in over a month…….15 million, now that’s an attention problem.

Ever since the decline in numbers its just been a constant attention battle with tweaks,changes and events  to try and hold its audience plus recapture more users to the heights of the initial uptake. For me there lies the problem, living in the past and not the here and now.

If i was to give one bit of advice to the creators of Pokemon go it would be simple……Player vs player direct battles……that’s it………I want to be able to go see my friends or even a stranger in the street and battle them there and then for their Pokemon and pokeballs. Add that feature, do that and I guarantee you will see those 15 million users return, and then some. For now it remains a dream but I live in hope, over to you Niantic.