Guess who’s back, back again…

So I kinda messed up the flow I had on here previously, were I was doing daily blogs. I then decided on a name change….RIP iLoveT3ch and yet another redesign on the blog. I have been doing other things, mainly self teaching myself photoshop and Final cut pro so its been productive and relevant to where I want to  take things.

Anyway I will be blogging again, not daily, going to run with a more fluid system across this and my other platforms which I use. So let me share with you a couple videos done recently, beware I am complete novice and this is all a learning curve for me so forgive me in advance if not quite a masterpiece yet. Let me know your thoughts and feedback good or bad its all welcome. check links below.



Goolge Home vs Amazon Echo, who’s the smartest




Quick Update..

I feel like I’ve been slack as of late so apologies to those of you that take the time to look at my blog.

I’m more active via social media but I’m deciding between adding either podcasts or vlogs onto YouTube….. Decisions decisions.

YouTube appeals to me the most and seeing as I’m educating myself in final cut pro it’s seems the most likely for me to go with. Plus I’m fascinated with the up surge in content creation and how YouTube is becoming more and more a total solution.

In regards to tech, I now have a Google Home device which has taken the spotlight away from Alexa (Amazon Echo) and so far I’m having much more joy in regards to requests…..Well it is Google vs Bing right so I shouldn’t be surprised.

The next new item I have is  brand new QLED 2017 Samsung TV an boy is she beautiful. I’m less than 24hrs in with it but wow I’m impressed, the user interface and the picture quality is just phenomenal. I will do a review soon and share my overall thoughts on the product. 

Catch you soon👊🏾

Samsung, Samsung…

Being a techie I’m constantly thinking of the next purchase, what can I buy, what do I need. Two key areas for me have been on my mind, TV plus a new phone and after much consideration I ordered both a new phone along with a new TV today.

My current TV is a Samsung UE40D6530 brought around 7 years previous from a friend who had won it as an incentive from work. Despite its age it still produces a stunning 1080p HD experience so much so that friends and family comment on the clarity when visiting. It also has 3d, used once but it’s lacking 4k which is the motivation for and upgrade. More and more content is being created (Netflix/Prime video) for UHD and 4k so it makes sense I take the plunge. I decided on the QE55Q7FAM which is part of Samsungs new QLED range and fits all the requirements I need.

Next on my shopping list was a new smartphone and this would prove to be a bit trickier. If I’m honest I dont need a new phone, I have an Google Pixel XL plus an Iphone 7 Plus so arguable 2 of the best handsets on the market. But after having some hands on time with the newly announced S8…..I need this phone in my life. For me the S8 is as close to the ‘phone of the future’ which I had in my head many years ago, all screen. When you get to see this device in the flesh you really appreciate the engineering marvel that’s gone into creating such a beautiful piece of hardware.

With the phone and TV ordered that completed my splurge on new tech, stayed tuned for reviews once I receive my new toys.

Film Friday – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

I had high expectations for this movie, and as an fan of the 1995 Anime/Manga movie the possibility of what could be done on the big screen in live action was scintillating.

The basis of the story is based in the future where cyber enhancements have become the norm, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind as a full cyber-enhanced with a human brain. Described as the perfect weapon she works for a group called District 9 focused on stopping the worlds criminals.  A new enemy begins to arise, secrets from Majors past begin to unfold and trust in what she’s fighting for begin to wain.

So, whats my verdict…..the original from 1995 is phenomenal, the 2017 full feature movie is….style over substance ,visually its impressive the script and the interaction between characters however is very poor at best which is a shame as there is so much that could of been done with this kind of source material.

Overall id give it 3/5, just on visuals alone.

check out the new and original trailers


Galaxy S8/S8 Plus annouced

I want one.

Now thats out the way, Samsung announced there latest flagship devices (despite daily leaks of these particular devices) despite this it was still exciting to be unveiled.

Due to the sheer volume of reviews/first impression I will simply link below some vids, check them out, see what you think, I’ve personally already pre ordered the S8 sim free from CPW with some added perks of getting the device 8 days early plus a free speaker to the value of £99.

Check out some of the below videos

Tech Tuesday- Google Home

Today at 10am Google announced to the world the UK release dates for Home and Wifi. Both have been in the US since last year but finally both will be making there long awaited debut on the 6th April 2017.

What is Google Home, well its a Hands free smart speaker, much like Amazon Echo and dot which are currently available in the UK. The smart home sector is ever growing and Smart home speakers are seen as a central part of the eco system in that regard.

I managed to have some hands on time with the Home device today and I’m definitely a fan. On looks alone I prefer the Google Home vs the echo (even if it does look like an air freshener) plus the ability to purchase interchangeable speaker mesh which can be matched to the theme of the room is quite a nice touch. I happen to own an Amazon Echo and although not ugly it does look very much like a classic speaker and nothing else.


Google are looking to highlight 3 keys areas for why consumers would want to purchase their device which are,

  1. Get answers from Google
  2. Enjoy your music
  3. Manage your everyday tasks

The device itself is powered by Google assistant and works very similar, to the one on the Google Pixel smartphone. You can ask it to play music sourced from subscribed providers ie Spotify or google play, as well as interactions with Cast enabled devices to showcase such things like Netflix and youtube on your TV. Managing things like shopping lists and reminders are also very simple and viewable later on your device via google keep should you need to action anything.

The device will retail at £129 in the UK which puts it £20 cheaper than the Amazon echo and in my opinion this will play a factor for consumers looking to buy a smart speaker.

I will be getting my hands on one come the 6th so once I have the device I will provide a head to head review of the echo vs the home so watch this space.



Film Friday – LIFE

If you’re a film maker wanting to make a sci-fi horror and you’re not Ridley Scott, then you have a problem, because every film in that genre will be compared to Alien….period.

Ok now thats out the way onto this weeks recommendation and if you haven’t guessed its a sci-fi, horror/thriller. So the basis of this surrounds 6 crew members who retrieve a space pod carrying mars samples. Within the samples is what seems like a single cell organism, hence the title LIFE.

Without giving away any spoilers, the excitement of discovering life quickly turns and takes a darker path with some genuine “jump” moments. Overall the film is not to long, the pace of the movie is very good and enough happens during to keep you engaged till the end. Life is a clever take on an already tried and tested blueprint and manages to avoid being….meh.

I throughly enjoyed this movie and I’m comfortable recommending this as a ‘one to watch’ so if you are a fan of sci-fi horror or just want a good movie to watch, go check it out.

Trailer below (PS the film is better than the trailer, too often its the opposite)

Two Days, Two OEM’s, Two new colours

The last couple days have been quite interesting with two mobile manufacturers announcing new colour variants to flagship devices both to launch this Friday 24th March 2017.

So the first update come from Apple and they have introduced a RED IP7 and IP7Plus and it looks pretty sweet. The device itself is identical to the current flagship the only difference is the new colour. Fo those that don’t know RED have worked with apple for close to 10 years and have previously produced RED exclusives, the most memorable being the RED Ipod touch. RED is a global AIDS charity and proceeds will go towards fighting the disease.


The second update came from OnePlus today and they introduced a limited edition OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Edition which is easily my favourite colour choice (Matte black everything). On the site OnePlus says they will be very small quantities produced so no doubt this will be far harder to get your hands on compared to the Iphone. The 3T still remains my current favourite phone for below £500 and now it comes in a new sleek black finish….wow, impressive.

op3t black.jpg


Wearables……Is there still a market?

Let me start by saying I love watches, I have a small collection and I see the value In spending whatever the going rate is for the right timepiece. The idea of pairing tech along with a watch in theory is a match made in heaven, Ala 80/90’s sci-fi movies. The reality for me however is not so great.

Wearable’s, smart watches,hybrid, what ever you refer to them as, have hit a stagnant point, and I feel no real innovation has happened from the early devices that first launched to now despite there being numerous OEM wearable devices both from the tech world and more recently the timepiece industry itself. Devices can range from £20 all the way to £5k depending how deep your pockets are but fundamentally they all do the same thing.

The Moro 360 (series 1) was my first wearable( Actually the sonyericsson mbw series from 2006 was my very first smart watch) and still remains one of my all time favourites to this day from a design and function point of view. I have also owned a Gear (series 1), Gear Fit, Gear S2 and an Apple Watch, none of which reside on my arm anymore. My opinion of wearable’s is that they are still a companion product and they don’t really offer enough as a stand alone device to warrant consumers buying at scale.


Today I use a Fit bit and the key reason for this is because fitness tracking along with notifications was the only real need I had for a wearable, hence why not just have a fitness tracker.  I really want to buy into the ethos of what a smart watch represents but I cant help think its just a take it or leave it product. Maybe the recent trend of hybrid wearable’s from key watch manufacturers will finally bridge the gap of smartwatch vs timepiece, only time will tell but certainly 2017 has already seen numerous announcements of products.

I’ve not given up on the Category yet but I’m still to be convinced that wearable’s have a sustainable place in the market, I will however take my time on the next purchase, and once I do I promise to update you all.

Check out some recent products announced below…

Guess Connect

Tag Connected Modular 45

Mont Blanc Summit




Film Friday – Kong: Skull Island

Yet another take on the legendary character King Kong. This version sits apart from the 2005 film (not a fan) and runs with the theme of a group of scientists exploring an uncharted island with the help of some military mercenaries. When the group land on this primal eden they are introduced to Kong, King of the island and from here the journey begins.

The film has some key cast members in Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L Jackson and they deliver an ok and good performance in that order (Samuel L Jackson is always good). I still believe the film fails to reach its full potential but never the less its still quite an entertaining watch if only for the cinematic effects and even though overall plot lets it down somewhat enough happens on screen to keep you engaged till the end.

So for those who love a good fantasy adventure movie this would be my current pick right now, fun for all the family to be had and worth the admission should you hit up the cinema.

My official rating is 3/5 so go check it out.

Official trailer