Samsung moves first…

The battle of the smartphone will be won and lost in the last few months of this year as the Big three brands look to launch there latest flagship devices.

Samsung, Google and Apple are all due to follow up last year’s key devices, Pixel, Note and iphone but added pressure is on the tech giants following an indifferent 2016.

Apple launched the iPhone 7 and 7+ which kept the similar design of the previous 2 years with only the dual camera on the plus variant as the real big change. This year is the 10th anniversary so expectations are huge with serval changes both hardware and software rumoured. Date is still TBC

Google launched there first mobile device last October and it was a huge success despite availability issues, this year a follow up is expected with a more 2017 design much like the galaxy s8 and LG g6. Rumoured Date October.

The Samaung Galaxy Note 8 now has an official announcement date and the world will get to see latest flagship on the 23rd August. I use the S8+ as my daily driver so as a fan of the galaxy range all I would like to see is dual camera, bigger battery, added spen features and the same design as the S8 and I will be sold.

 I’m excited for what’s to come and will be following updates from all three brands to see who delivers the best all round package.

Watch this space.


Still the best Budget Flagship?

(Image courtesy of the Verge)

So OnePlus announced there latest and greatest on Tuesday the OP5 and it’s safe to say its the best OnePlus device yet.

OnePlus is a relatively small company when compared to the other OEMs of smartphones but recent years have shown that they can hold there own with the big boys, and that’s largely been down to top spec at an affordable price.

After trawling through reviews, unboxings and forums the feelings are mixed on the OP5, in images it bares resemblance to another key device on the market which is one gripe voiced online, along with the absence of things such as, wireless charging, Ingress Protection,quad HD screen and a price hike. The price is still in the £500 relm  and the other stuff is nice but not essential to making a great phone, I’m much more interested in the user experience as a whole more than anything.

I personally like the look of the device and from what I have read and heard many others do to.

The OnePlus 3/3T were superb phones only really lacking in the camera department, and with OnePlus making the camera there clear focus this time around I’m optimistic for when I get my hands on the device.

One thing I can say is that on paper alone the OP5 still looks the best value for money when compared to the rest…(UK)

What are your thoughts on the OnePlus 5, let me know in the comments below.


Finally DC catch a break.

Finally finally finally DC gets a decent big screen movie👏🏾. Now before the hardcore fans wade in, I am not including the dark Knight trilogy in that statement.

If you follow action movies then you will know that there is an unofficial battle going on between Marvel and DC as they fight for your attention on the big screen.

Score so far……DC is getting beaten….badly and off the back of two huge 2016 flops in Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad, I didn’t hold out much hope for WonderWoman.

Thankfully I was proven wrong, as WonderWoman delivers a strong origin story which helps you understand not only the character but also her power.

The movie is not too long and the action scenes are very good. Overall the movie leaves you with a good taste in you mouth and optimistic for the upcoming Justice League.

I would definitely recommend you check this out as I believe you will thoroughly enjoy it.

If you plan on seeing it or of already seen it, let me know what you think below.


Official trailer 


Could the tide be turning?!?

Online reports are indicating the HTC U11 is outperforming the previous HTC 10 and One M9.

After continuous quarters of losing money, could be the flagship that steadies the ship. HTC was once seen as an android frontrunner seeing as they were first to bring a 4g handset and also first to create an complete aluminium uni body design handset but since then they have been more of a laughing stock in the android relm.

I personally thought last year’s HTC was a brilliant phone, although overpriced in the UK I hoped that may be the one to break through but strong years from Samsung and Huawei made HTC a non starter.

I’m yet to personally have a hands on with the HTC U11 but I will be sure to share my thoughts once I do.


4 days and counting…

So it’s not long till the official announcement of the hotly anticipated OnePlus 5 and I for one am excited. OnePlus have all but showcased the design in many teasers which personally I think has been a strange strategy, it’s received mixed reviews seeing as the design is almost a carbon copy of the iPhone 7 plus. Could this be a step backwards from the 3T, or is this a masterstroke from one plus, I guess time will tell.


Android ‘O’ preview….TOP 3….that I’ve noticed:-)

Following  Google I/O last week, there was a swift release of the developer preview 2 google O which was pushed out into the world for all that had eligible devices. Seeing as I have a Pixel XL I thought I would see what all the fuss was about and download it.

Now i’m sure there is a huge list of whats been tweaked, tuned and updated but I thought I would talk and the top 3 things I have noticed when using the device as a regular user.



First thing I noticed was the panel colours look inverted from Nougat – O, and a couple things have move around too, time, date, edit and settings have all moved from the top to the bottom of the pull down panel now. Speaking of settings that has also had a revamp in layout and its much more logical in regards to where things are.





Dots is certain my favourite revamp and Iphone users will kind be familiar with this as it resembles badges on IOS. Key differences are that you will get a dot in the top right of the app icon which is also colour coded to the app (nice touch), it does not show a counter like IOS but what you can do is press and hold to activate the shortcuts and you be able to see the standard actions along with actual notification which you can  tap to go into it or swipe across should you have more than one.




And last but not least and finally the emojis have been revamped, and along with some new additions the main tweak is the redesign, no longer are you greeted with some ‘blob’ emoji  that looks like its been created by a 5 year old now you have actual round smileys…..woohoo!



So thats what I have noticed so far, there are tones more and I will link a good source link should you wish to delve deeper but for now I just wanted to highlight real world noticeable differences when using the phone.





Guess who’s back, back again…

So I kinda messed up the flow I had on here previously, were I was doing daily blogs. I then decided on a name change….RIP iLoveT3ch and yet another redesign on the blog. I have been doing other things, mainly self teaching myself photoshop and Final cut pro so its been productive and relevant to where I want to  take things.

Anyway I will be blogging again, not daily, going to run with a more fluid system across this and my other platforms which I use. So let me share with you a couple videos done recently, beware I am complete novice and this is all a learning curve for me so forgive me in advance if not quite a masterpiece yet. Let me know your thoughts and feedback good or bad its all welcome. check links below.



Goolge Home vs Amazon Echo, who’s the smartest




Quick Update..

I feel like I’ve been slack as of late so apologies to those of you that take the time to look at my blog.

I’m more active via social media but I’m deciding between adding either podcasts or vlogs onto YouTube….. Decisions decisions.

YouTube appeals to me the most and seeing as I’m educating myself in final cut pro it’s seems the most likely for me to go with. Plus I’m fascinated with the up surge in content creation and how YouTube is becoming more and more a total solution.

In regards to tech, I now have a Google Home device which has taken the spotlight away from Alexa (Amazon Echo) and so far I’m having much more joy in regards to requests…..Well it is Google vs Bing right so I shouldn’t be surprised.

The next new item I have is  brand new QLED 2017 Samsung TV an boy is she beautiful. I’m less than 24hrs in with it but wow I’m impressed, the user interface and the picture quality is just phenomenal. I will do a review soon and share my overall thoughts on the product. 

Catch you soon👊🏾

Samsung, Samsung…

Being a techie I’m constantly thinking of the next purchase, what can I buy, what do I need. Two key areas for me have been on my mind, TV plus a new phone and after much consideration I ordered both a new phone along with a new TV today.

My current TV is a Samsung UE40D6530 brought around 7 years previous from a friend who had won it as an incentive from work. Despite its age it still produces a stunning 1080p HD experience so much so that friends and family comment on the clarity when visiting. It also has 3d, used once but it’s lacking 4k which is the motivation for and upgrade. More and more content is being created (Netflix/Prime video) for UHD and 4k so it makes sense I take the plunge. I decided on the QE55Q7FAM which is part of Samsungs new QLED range and fits all the requirements I need.

Next on my shopping list was a new smartphone and this would prove to be a bit trickier. If I’m honest I dont need a new phone, I have an Google Pixel XL plus an Iphone 7 Plus so arguable 2 of the best handsets on the market. But after having some hands on time with the newly announced S8…..I need this phone in my life. For me the S8 is as close to the ‘phone of the future’ which I had in my head many years ago, all screen. When you get to see this device in the flesh you really appreciate the engineering marvel that’s gone into creating such a beautiful piece of hardware.

With the phone and TV ordered that completed my splurge on new tech, stayed tuned for reviews once I receive my new toys.

Film Friday – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

I had high expectations for this movie, and as an fan of the 1995 Anime/Manga movie the possibility of what could be done on the big screen in live action was scintillating.

The basis of the story is based in the future where cyber enhancements have become the norm, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind as a full cyber-enhanced with a human brain. Described as the perfect weapon she works for a group called District 9 focused on stopping the worlds criminals.  A new enemy begins to arise, secrets from Majors past begin to unfold and trust in what she’s fighting for begin to wain.

So, whats my verdict…..the original from 1995 is phenomenal, the 2017 full feature movie is….style over substance ,visually its impressive the script and the interaction between characters however is very poor at best which is a shame as there is so much that could of been done with this kind of source material.

Overall id give it 3/5, just on visuals alone.

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