Stranger Things: Probably the best show in the last 5 years


To really explain just how good Stranger Things is will be difficult, instead I’m going to try and share my thoughts on why season 2 was every bit as good as the first season and in some areas better.

Firstly if we look at the key characters, Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Dustin and Will, each of them evolved somewhat, not too much but enough to know that they have all clearly been through something traumatic and are looking at readjusting to normality. There’s certainly more mini stories going on within the show, some characters have grown in confidence, while others have shrunk further into there shell either way you see the true impact on how each character is dealing with daily life.


Of course supporting cast from season one are also key to this new season along with some new faces ( Bob is awesome) and it’s a great blend of on screen relationships and solo performances.

The essence remains from season one, and what I mean by that is that nostalgic ingredient classic 80’s movies use to have, despite being a 2017 production. The scale has been massively upped for this time around, as season one dealt with a single threat the Demogorgan but this outing ups the danger level with multiple threats to battle throughout the latter episodes.

Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack Header.jpg

While I was binge watching on Netflix at the weekend, I couldn’t help think this is a bit like Goonies meets Silent HIll in terms of the tone especially in some key episodes and despite how random that may sound, it works phenomenally well.

Overall this is a really special production and from the early episodes of both season 1 & 2 you know that this is the real deal.

If you have never seen the show I strongly recommend you take the plunge, but if you do, make sure you commit and don’t watch while in the background doing something else, invest in the show and you will be rewarded with not only a visual masterpiece but a epic story which really does give nothing but entertainment value.


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