Galaxy Note 8: The King Returns


Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock you know what happened with last years Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so I won’t delve into the failings of the 2016 device.

Yesterday I finally got my hands on Samsung’s latest flagship and it’s safe to say even after 24hrs……it my new favourite device.


Based on the same form factor as the Galaxy S8/S8+ released earlier this year, the Note 8 continues the trend of curved super Amoled infinity gorilla glass 5 front and back which sandwich a metal frame. The overall shape has a more square look which I can only imagine is to provide more surface area for the SPen along with the curvature being less prominent when compared to the S -line.



Sporting a new dual camera setup, you can now take more specialised portrait photos using the tele photo lense. Both cameras have OIS along with a new live photo effect which enables you to control the bokeh effect both pre and post capture.


I’ve always felt Samsung provided realy strong optics and with the addition of a secondary camera it’s only strengthened that trend. It’s still early days but I’m really impressed thus far and I will continue to put its through its paces over the next few weeks.


In essence the Note 8 shares many characteristics of the S8/S8+ but one key difference is the addition of the S-Pen. Not only has the this become a more natural writing tool it also acts as a very good navigator and selector in just day to day use as the more intricate precision is wonderful to use. With features such as screen write memo, smart select and live message to name but a few, the Spen is still a major differentiator between other OEM handsets.


Last year the Note 7 really impressed me, until it was taken away following the issues. This year it feels like an old friend has returned and he’s bearing gifts and that’s a good thing.

There is so much to the Note 8 and I will look forward to exploring them over the next few weeks.


Did you order a Note 8? What are your thoughts?



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