Apple Keynote: My Reaction…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Apple held  its biggest Keynote event to date yesterday, and on its 10th anniversary of the iPhone it debuted the event at the Steve Jobs Theater.

A fitting venue for what we all knew what was coming either by just following Apples’s annual pattern of previous releases or from the hundreds of leaked info regarding the new device and I do mean hundreds, some to the extent where Tech reviewers across the globe where being sent mock units based on leaked images which the majority proved 100% accurate.

Despite knowing what the device would look like I was still gassed, and on 24 hours of reflection, I wasn’t disappointed. Apple introduced 3 new handsets, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X (pronounced 10).


Both iPhone 8’s carry the same footprint of its predecessors the iPhone 7’s with some internal spec bumps, new colour coded variants and a glass back to support wireless charging…..yep you heard right….finally. Apple probably missed a trick here, they should of really named these the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus because in reality thats what they are, had they done that the similarity in devices could of been swallowed much easier by the press on first reaction.

The star of the show was the “One More thing” and the all new iPhone X was brought out in all its glory. Price aside, this is the story, this is the revolutionary move many wanted Apple to make years ago but didn’t and this is what will be the most desirable and elusive device Apple has ever made.


The iPhone 8’s go on pre order on the 15th and will be available on the 22nd, the iPhone X will go on pre order 27th October and be available on the 3rd November. The X is what I will be going for, but the starting price of £999 is just madness…..I mean this is 2016 Mac book territory.

Ive include some brilliant event and device coverage video from some of the top tech reviewers in the game below, do make sure you check them out for a more in depth overview.

Did you watch the Keynote? Will you be buying one of the new device? Leave a comment below.









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