Why I keep going back to the OnePlus 5…


It’s been well over 2 months of owning the OnePlus 5 and I have to say, it may well be one of my favourite phones of the year. What makes it so good you say, is it flagship killer features, is it the Dual Camera….for me its the package that OnePlus brings to the table. This has whats lead me to making frequent recommendations to friends and family. Let’s look at the areas I think matter.


Originally some said the phone was a carbon copy of the iPhone7 plus but once you get the phone in your hand, that’s where the comparisons end, in fact I prefer the design from OnePlus, from the slim overall chassis to the slim profile, the OnePlus 5 is a joy to hold and to use, and I have no trouble using the device in one hand. I also added one of the genuine carbon cases on mine and it still maintains its slim design which is also a bonus.



Android software has always felt fragmented due to the different OEMs adding there own layer, think  touchwiz or LG UX as a sample, both have been historically terrible in regards to the smoothness when transitioning from screen to screen and also failing the test of time with lag. The Pixel set the standard last year with a buttery smooth software that just worked every which way and I think that would have to be my number one experience but firmly in second place is what OnePlus has done, the simplicity of stock with just a sprinkle of OnePlus is a wonderful blend so much so I’ve not even been tempted to add a launcher.

Weather I’m using multiple apps, streaming movies and video, music and gaming the one plus doesn’t stutter or skip a beat, it’s slick, smooth, and effortless and as yet to show any sign of lag.


I don’t really deal in screen on time because my usage can alter from day to day, what I do care about is will it get me through a day comfortably……and in this case the answer is absolutely. My habitual usage over a week stems from Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon videos, Audible and of course social networks along with the odd picture now and again. If you ever do get caught short you have the added bonus of the DASH charger which can only be described as ridiculous, it even makes the fast charging on Samsung or Pixel seem slow and dated.


For me the this is the cherry on the cake, If you ignore the reduced prices on other flagships such as G6, S8 or S8+ then you have to be impressed at the £449/499 price tag, I cant think of a single other phone I would recommend above this for the price point, granted the Pixel XL has dropped to £449 but it didn’t launch at that price and its nearly 1 year old. OnePlus are also doing a current student deal campaign which means students can get a further 10% off (UK).


Overall the OnePlus 5 really is a great device, the specs alone make it a powerhouse (Link Below) but it’s the all round package of price and user experience that really set this apart.

Do you have a OnePlus 5? How’s your experience been? Comment Below.

Full Specs


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