Netflix DeathNote misses the mark.

Back in October 2006 I doubt anyone really knew how successful a new show called Deathnote would become but what happened over the course of 6 months and 37 episodes was nothing short of phenomenal.

The series seemed to bridge hardcore anime fans and newcomers to the genre and it’s safe to say sparked a cult following internationally.

The story is based around an intelligent boy who discovers a notebook with the power to kill anyone who’s name is wrote in it. Light begins targetting the criminal underworld but as he uses it more and more his God complex grows leading him to believe he is an omnipotent force.

Fast forward to present day, Netflix have brought the rights and have spent 50million plus on turning the fan favourite show into a feature length movie,  a brave move in my opinion.

I watched last night hoping it wasn’t another ‘Dragonball Z evolution’ on our hands and although it wasn’t as bad……it wasn’t that good either.

Netflix DeathNote is ok at best, and I’m probably being generous because I know the original source material.

The first problem is that the pacing of the film is all wrong, too much to soon, so you never get to understand the characters let alone their story and motivations. The next big problem is the casting, bar William Dafoe as Ryuk pretty much every other character choice was a bad one with the clearest example of this being the lead, Nat Wolff aka Light Turner.

In the original Anime Light quickly embraces his new power and has a clear plan on how to make the world better, when compared to the netflix movie the character is basically a teenager struggling with the morale dilemma of this power while also far to interested in impressing his girlfriend Mia. Id even go as far as saying the love story becomes a touch Twilight in nature which just sinks the movie further.

So where do Netflix go from here…..I still believe the project has legs but more as a TV show in which all you would need to do is recast for the characters and stick to the original source material, but as for the movie it’s a complete let down.

Let me know your thoughts, did you enjoy the movie? Comments below.


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