Note 8: Samsung play it safe


Samsung took the lid off their latest flagship the Galaxy Note 8 and despite it being one of the worst kept secrets in the tech community, there was still some cool stuff to be unveiled.

The device is very much the same design language of the S8/S8+ , metal frame sandwiched in QHD + super amoled infinity glass and minimal bezels.

The new rear camera was the star of the show at Unpacked with not one but two 12mp cameras on the rear, one wide the other telephoto and both with OIS. This is different to what other manufacturers have done previously and to support it you can capture images with both cameras at the same time. In theory this should provide images with more detail, but I will reserve comment until I get to sample for myself.

Battery was clearly and big area of contention after last years concerns and Samsung certainly didn’t shy away from A) what had happened and B) what they had done to rectify the issue. What stood out over the repetitive apologising and mentioning of the new 8 point safety check was that the Note 8 comes with a 3300mAh battery, when compared to the S8+ which carries a 3500mAH, that came as a surprise, but all things considered it makes perfect sense.

Overall my early impressions are positive and Im excited to have some hands on time with the device.

Check out the Samsung website for a full spec rundown and see below for a couple early hands on videos from some key tech tubers.


Mr Mobile

Unpacked: 8mins

Pre orders look to begin today with a launch date of the 15th Sept and a hefty £869 price tag to boot. Will you be doing a pre order? Is it worth an upgrade over the S8/S8+? please leave a comment below.


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