The New Home Phone: Google Home Update


I’m trying to think back to the last time I owned or used a home phone, and i’m sure it was pre 2000’s. Since the rise of Mobile phones Home phones have become obsolete, in fact the only reason I currently still have a landline is because it’s still mandatory in the UK for a Broadband connection.

Well today Google began the roll out of outgoing calls on there Google Home device (US only) meaning you can now ask the device to “call mum” and it will carry out the task. As an added bonus it can actually use the voice recognition software to distinguish users, so if someone in the same household says the same thing, it will access the right contact list and call the correct person.

The extra feature of being able to access local business numbers and call them too have been added so ringing your favourite pizza joint is made easy.

Incoming calls are not yet supported along with emergency services calls, Im guessing this is because there would be no call back feature.

There is no word on when this will hit the UK but when it does, will it be something you use? Is this a return of the home phone in a digital age? Comments below.



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