Google Assistant: How much do you use it?


I’ve been using Google Assistant for the best part of 2017 and my usage has changed quite dramatically over that period of time in tandem with some of the evolution’s of the personal assistant thus far. I first intro in Google Assistant was actually back in October 2016 when I purchased a Google Pixel XL and having previously been familiar with Siri on the iPhone I was blown away with just how contextual a voice assistant could be.

During the Honeymoon period I threw everything at it but that soon dulled down to what I call my ‘Habitual Usage’ which tends to be setting alarms, the odd search question, directions and weather reports. This is also echoed on my Google Home which I have been using since around June ’17 with the added request to play my spotify playlists.

I’m fully aware both the Google Assistant on my phone and on the Home can do so much more, but for me I find value in the little things rather than me telling it to play ‘Power’ on Netflix, I reserve that strictly for when I’m showing off to house guests :-).

The year has so far seen some nice subtle upgrades to the Assistant such as Type input, and explore whats new but one thing I would really love to see is the music identifier which resides in Google now. I feel that Google is winning the battle of the Assistants but there is still room for improvement, and I hope that with the launch of the new Pixel later this year we are introduced to some required updates.

Do you use Google Assistant or any other AI? Drop a comment below.





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