Samsung moves first…

The battle of the smartphone will be won and lost in the last few months of this year as the Big three brands look to launch there latest flagship devices.

Samsung, Google and Apple are all due to follow up last year’s key devices, Pixel, Note and iphone but added pressure is on the tech giants following an indifferent 2016.

Apple launched the iPhone 7 and 7+ which kept the similar design of the previous 2 years with only the dual camera on the plus variant as the real big change. This year is the 10th anniversary so expectations are huge with serval changes both hardware and software rumoured. Date is still TBC

Google launched there first mobile device last October and it was a huge success despite availability issues, this year a follow up is expected with a more 2017 design much like the galaxy s8 and LG g6. Rumoured Date October.

The Samaung Galaxy Note 8 now has an official announcement date and the world will get to see latest flagship on the 23rd August. I use the S8+ as my daily driver so as a fan of the galaxy range all I would like to see is dual camera, bigger battery, added spen features and the same design as the S8 and I will be sold.

 I’m excited for what’s to come and will be following updates from all three brands to see who delivers the best all round package.

Watch this space.



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