Still the best Budget Flagship?

(Image courtesy of the Verge)

So OnePlus announced there latest and greatest on Tuesday the OP5 and it’s safe to say its the best OnePlus device yet.

OnePlus is a relatively small company when compared to the other OEMs of smartphones but recent years have shown that they can hold there own with the big boys, and that’s largely been down to top spec at an affordable price.

After trawling through reviews, unboxings and forums the feelings are mixed on the OP5, in images it bares resemblance to another key device on the market which is one gripe voiced online, along with the absence of things such as, wireless charging, Ingress Protection,quad HD screen and a price hike. The price is still in the £500 relm  and the other stuff is nice but not essential to making a great phone, I’m much more interested in the user experience as a whole more than anything.

I personally like the look of the device and from what I have read and heard many others do to.

The OnePlus 3/3T were superb phones only really lacking in the camera department, and with OnePlus making the camera there clear focus this time around I’m optimistic for when I get my hands on the device.

One thing I can say is that on paper alone the OP5 still looks the best value for money when compared to the rest…(UK)

What are your thoughts on the OnePlus 5, let me know in the comments below.



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