Finally DC catch a break.

Finally finally finally DC gets a decent big screen movie👏🏾. Now before the hardcore fans wade in, I am not including the dark Knight trilogy in that statement.

If you follow action movies then you will know that there is an unofficial battle going on between Marvel and DC as they fight for your attention on the big screen.

Score so far……DC is getting beaten….badly and off the back of two huge 2016 flops in Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad, I didn’t hold out much hope for WonderWoman.

Thankfully I was proven wrong, as WonderWoman delivers a strong origin story which helps you understand not only the character but also her power.

The movie is not too long and the action scenes are very good. Overall the movie leaves you with a good taste in you mouth and optimistic for the upcoming Justice League.

I would definitely recommend you check this out as I believe you will thoroughly enjoy it.

If you plan on seeing it or of already seen it, let me know what you think below.


Official trailer 



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