Android ‘O’ preview….TOP 3….that I’ve noticed:-)

Following  Google I/O last week, there was a swift release of the developer preview 2 google O which was pushed out into the world for all that had eligible devices. Seeing as I have a Pixel XL I thought I would see what all the fuss was about and download it.

Now i’m sure there is a huge list of whats been tweaked, tuned and updated but I thought I would talk and the top 3 things I have noticed when using the device as a regular user.



First thing I noticed was the panel colours look inverted from Nougat – O, and a couple things have move around too, time, date, edit and settings have all moved from the top to the bottom of the pull down panel now. Speaking of settings that has also had a revamp in layout and its much more logical in regards to where things are.





Dots is certain my favourite revamp and Iphone users will kind be familiar with this as it resembles badges on IOS. Key differences are that you will get a dot in the top right of the app icon which is also colour coded to the app (nice touch), it does not show a counter like IOS but what you can do is press and hold to activate the shortcuts and you be able to see the standard actions along with actual notification which you can  tap to go into it or swipe across should you have more than one.




And last but not least and finally the emojis have been revamped, and along with some new additions the main tweak is the redesign, no longer are you greeted with some ‘blob’ emoji  that looks like its been created by a 5 year old now you have actual round smileys…..woohoo!



So thats what I have noticed so far, there are tones more and I will link a good source link should you wish to delve deeper but for now I just wanted to highlight real world noticeable differences when using the phone.






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