Quick Update..

I feel like I’ve been slack as of late so apologies to those of you that take the time to look at my blog.

I’m more active via social media but I’m deciding between adding either podcasts or vlogs onto YouTube….. Decisions decisions.

YouTube appeals to me the most and seeing as I’m educating myself in final cut pro it’s seems the most likely for me to go with. Plus I’m fascinated with the up surge in content creation and how YouTube is becoming more and more a total solution.

In regards to tech, I now have a Google Home device which has taken the spotlight away from Alexa (Amazon Echo) and so far I’m having much more joy in regards to requests…..Well it is Google vs Bing right so I shouldn’t be surprised.

The next new item I have is  brand new QLED 2017 Samsung TV an boy is she beautiful. I’m less than 24hrs in with it but wow I’m impressed, the user interface and the picture quality is just phenomenal. I will do a review soon and share my overall thoughts on the product. 

Catch you soon👊🏾


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