Samsung, Samsung…

Being a techie I’m constantly thinking of the next purchase, what can I buy, what do I need. Two key areas for me have been on my mind, TV plus a new phone and after much consideration I ordered both a new phone along with a new TV today.

My current TV is a Samsung UE40D6530 brought around 7 years previous from a friend who had won it as an incentive from work. Despite its age it still produces a stunning 1080p HD experience so much so that friends and family comment on the clarity when visiting. It also has 3d, used once but it’s lacking 4k which is the motivation for and upgrade. More and more content is being created (Netflix/Prime video) for UHD and 4k so it makes sense I take the plunge. I decided on the QE55Q7FAM which is part of Samsungs new QLED range and fits all the requirements I need.

Next on my shopping list was a new smartphone and this would prove to be a bit trickier. If I’m honest I dont need a new phone, I have an Google Pixel XL plus an Iphone 7 Plus so arguable 2 of the best handsets on the market. But after having some hands on time with the newly announced S8…..I need this phone in my life. For me the S8 is as close to the ‘phone of the future’ which I had in my head many years ago, all screen. When you get to see this device in the flesh you really appreciate the engineering marvel that’s gone into creating such a beautiful piece of hardware.

With the phone and TV ordered that completed my splurge on new tech, stayed tuned for reviews once I receive my new toys.


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