Film Friday – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

I had high expectations for this movie, and as an fan of the 1995 Anime/Manga movie the possibility of what could be done on the big screen in live action was scintillating.

The basis of the story is based in the future where cyber enhancements have become the norm, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind as a full cyber-enhanced with a human brain. Described as the perfect weapon she works for a group called District 9 focused on stopping the worlds criminals.  A new enemy begins to arise, secrets from Majors past begin to unfold and trust in what she’s fighting for begin to wain.

So, whats my verdict…..the original from 1995 is phenomenal, the 2017 full feature movie is….style over substance ,visually its impressive the script and the interaction between characters however is very poor at best which is a shame as there is so much that could of been done with this kind of source material.

Overall id give it 3/5, just on visuals alone.

check out the new and original trailers



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