Tech Tuesday- Google Home

Today at 10am Google announced to the world the UK release dates for Home and Wifi. Both have been in the US since last year but finally both will be making there long awaited debut on the 6th April 2017.

What is Google Home, well its a Hands free smart speaker, much like Amazon Echo and dot which are currently available in the UK. The smart home sector is ever growing and Smart home speakers are seen as a central part of the eco system in that regard.

I managed to have some hands on time with the Home device today and I’m definitely a fan. On looks alone I prefer the Google Home vs the echo (even if it does look like an air freshener) plus the ability to purchase interchangeable speaker mesh which can be matched to the theme of the room is quite a nice touch. I happen to own an Amazon Echo and although not ugly it does look very much like a classic speaker and nothing else.


Google are looking to highlight 3 keys areas for why consumers would want to purchase their device which are,

  1. Get answers from Google
  2. Enjoy your music
  3. Manage your everyday tasks

The device itself is powered by Google assistant and works very similar, to the one on the Google Pixel smartphone. You can ask it to play music sourced from subscribed providers ie Spotify or google play, as well as interactions with Cast enabled devices to showcase such things like Netflix and youtube on your TV. Managing things like shopping lists and reminders are also very simple and viewable later on your device via google keep should you need to action anything.

The device will retail at £129 in the UK which puts it £20 cheaper than the Amazon echo and in my opinion this will play a factor for consumers looking to buy a smart speaker.

I will be getting my hands on one come the 6th so once I have the device I will provide a head to head review of the echo vs the home so watch this space.



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