Film Friday – LIFE

If you’re a film maker wanting to make a sci-fi horror and you’re not Ridley Scott, then you have a problem, because every film in that genre will be compared to Alien….period.

Ok now thats out the way onto this weeks recommendation and if you haven’t guessed its a sci-fi, horror/thriller. So the basis of this surrounds 6 crew members who retrieve a space pod carrying mars samples. Within the samples is what seems like a single cell organism, hence the title LIFE.

Without giving away any spoilers, the excitement of discovering life quickly turns and takes a darker path with some genuine “jump” moments. Overall the film is not to long, the pace of the movie is very good and enough happens during to keep you engaged till the end. Life is a clever take on an already tried and tested blueprint and manages to avoid being….meh.

I throughly enjoyed this movie and I’m comfortable recommending this as a ‘one to watch’ so if you are a fan of sci-fi horror or just want a good movie to watch, go check it out.

Trailer below (PS the film is better than the trailer, too often its the opposite)


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