Two Days, Two OEM’s, Two new colours

The last couple days have been quite interesting with two mobile manufacturers announcing new colour variants to flagship devices both to launch this Friday 24th March 2017.

So the first update come from Apple and they have introduced a RED IP7 and IP7Plus and it looks pretty sweet. The device itself is identical to the current flagship the only difference is the new colour. Fo those that don’t know RED have worked with apple for close to 10 years and have previously produced RED exclusives, the most memorable being the RED Ipod touch. RED is a global AIDS charity and proceeds will go towards fighting the disease.


The second update came from OnePlus today and they introduced a limited edition OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Edition which is easily my favourite colour choice (Matte black everything). On the site OnePlus says they will be very small quantities produced so no doubt this will be far harder to get your hands on compared to the Iphone. The 3T still remains my current favourite phone for below £500 and now it comes in a new sleek black finish….wow, impressive.

op3t black.jpg



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