Wearables……Is there still a market?

Let me start by saying I love watches, I have a small collection and I see the value In spending whatever the going rate is for the right timepiece. The idea of pairing tech along with a watch in theory is a match made in heaven, Ala 80/90’s sci-fi movies. The reality for me however is not so great.

Wearable’s, smart watches,hybrid, what ever you refer to them as, have hit a stagnant point, and I feel no real innovation has happened from the early devices that first launched to now despite there being numerous OEM wearable devices both from the tech world and more recently the timepiece industry itself. Devices can range from £20 all the way to £5k depending how deep your pockets are but fundamentally they all do the same thing.

The Moro 360 (series 1) was my first wearable( Actually the sonyericsson mbw series from 2006 was my very first smart watch) and still remains one of my all time favourites to this day from a design and function point of view. I have also owned a Gear (series 1), Gear Fit, Gear S2 and an Apple Watch, none of which reside on my arm anymore. My opinion of wearable’s is that they are still a companion product and they don’t really offer enough as a stand alone device to warrant consumers buying at scale.


Today I use a Fit bit and the key reason for this is because fitness tracking along with notifications was the only real need I had for a wearable, hence why not just have a fitness tracker.  I really want to buy into the ethos of what a smart watch represents but I cant help think its just a take it or leave it product. Maybe the recent trend of hybrid wearable’s from key watch manufacturers will finally bridge the gap of smartwatch vs timepiece, only time will tell but certainly 2017 has already seen numerous announcements of products.

I’ve not given up on the Category yet but I’m still to be convinced that wearable’s have a sustainable place in the market, I will however take my time on the next purchase, and once I do I promise to update you all.

Check out some recent products announced below…

Guess Connect

Tag Connected Modular 45

Mont Blanc Summit





3 Replies to “Wearables……Is there still a market?”

  1. My other-half bought me a Fitbit around a year ago for my birthday and at first I got so much use out of it. Now it’s sitting on my dressing table, uncharged and unloved… and constantly reminding me that I haven’t been our for a run in way too long.

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    1. Mine still resides on my wrist but similar to you when I look at it the translated response is “move your fat ass and go running” 😂😂 things were so different when I first got it🤔


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