Film Friday – Kong: Skull Island

Yet another take on the legendary character King Kong. This version sits apart from the 2005 film (not a fan) and runs with the theme of a group of scientists exploring an uncharted island with the help of some military mercenaries. When the group land on this primal eden they are introduced to Kong, King of the island and from here the journey begins.

The film has some key cast members in Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L Jackson and they deliver an ok and good performance in that order (Samuel L Jackson is always good). I still believe the film fails to reach its full potential but never the less its still quite an entertaining watch if only for the cinematic effects and even though overall plot lets it down somewhat enough happens on screen to keep you engaged till the end.

So for those who love a good fantasy adventure movie this would be my current pick right now, fun for all the family to be had and worth the admission should you hit up the cinema.

My official rating is 3/5 so go check it out.

Official trailer


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