5 months later – Google Pixel

So I wanted to revisit googles first venture into mobile hardware arena and review how its held up 5 months later. Without giving to much away the Pixel XL 128gb still remains my daily driver so that may give you an indication of my overall summary.


Although some launch reviews were less than kind about the looks of the Pixel device its never been offensive to me. Somewhat basic looking absolutely, but thats not a bad thing as its underwhelming looks enhance its strengths in other areas. I’ve  used mine with a case on and off during the 5 months and its held up pretty well (No drops) it has however chipped and scratched across the top and bottom of the device which is due to general wear and tear but nothing significant. I use a glass screen protector on mine so the screen is perfect, and for me the glass panel on the rear is also free from any major marks or damage.



This is where the Pixel excels for me against all other android smartphones out there, as the experience is simply the best I have ever come across with android. 5 months in, running beta mode with 240 plus apps on my device and its just as buttery smooth as the day I brought it. To give you example of a typical days use, I use various social apps along with , Spotify, Youtube, Showbox, taking pics and video, casting to Google Chromecast along with using google maps, and these are but a few things. Never have I owned and android phone that has been such a pleasure to use on a daily basis, and although the odd random app shutdown may occur once ever 2 weeks that’s a small price to pay for the sheer joy of using this device. I’m currently running Nougat 7.1.2 as we speak for those curious.



The Camera is another area that simply continues to blow me away and with the unlimited storage benefit that google photos provides, it makes for an attractive package. Many people say to me “why is it so good”, or “the Iphone and the S7 take great pictures also”, and that’s very true, but where the pixel outperforms the rest is the consistency and sheer simplicity of capturing the perfect moment. Double click the power key and press or hold the onscreen shutter button to capture your image. I say 9 out of 10 times you will not be disappointed and a large part of that is down to HDR+. Its worth me saying the overall viewfinder is basic, limited to just 4-5 options but should you feel the need to delve deeper you can download manual camera app which works pretty good with the pixel. In my opinion this remains the best camera on any smartphone to date, will be good to see what the 2017 flagships bring to the table in terms of imaging.



Excluding when you first get a new phone, my usage is pretty stable as in, I get a days use which suits me perfectly as I charge overnight. My battery has had moments where it has dipped in performance in comparison to say the 1st couple months but on investigation that has been down to some rouge apps misbehaving. Overall my experience has been a positive one and the quick charge serves as a great backup should you need that extra juice boost in an emergency.



47.26gb of 119gb used……255 apps, 200 of which I probably don’t need, my music is streamed via Spotify, my HDR images and 4k videos are stored in google photos, both of which I view and interact with seamlessly. What more is there to say, its just not a problem for me and in honesty I could of probably got away with the 32gb variant and skimmed on the amount of apps I hoard.



This time last year I had fell out of love with android due to the inconsistency as a package weather it be Samsung, HTC or LG and I was back in the IOS camp preaching iPhone. The google Pixel has not only restored my faith but its shown me what a well executed proposition of android offers. Some have described the Pixel as the iPhone of Android phones, and I understand where that statement is born from. Yes the experience may overshadow the looks of the device for some but the experience is just so dam good you don’t feel envious of strangers touting edge design handsets. For me this is still the best android phone to date, and arguably the best smartphone to date and my no1 recommendation still in 2017.





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