4 months later – Daydream View

The Google Daydream is the 2nd VR headset that Ive personally owned, the 1st being the Samsung Gear VR, and of the two it still remains the best. The only problem is that my Daydream View has pretty much sat in a drawer for the best part of 3 of those 4 months and for me there lies the problem.

The design of the Daydream is still one of favourites, utilising minimal plastic where needed and then the bulk of the unit being material which makes for a lightweight comfortable fit. The unit itself is actually quite future proof as the only real component is a NFC chip which sits in the front lid to enable connection to mobile device, a far more logical solution to that of Samsung’s Gear VR which is already on Version 2 due to the micro usb to usb-C shift.


Another key USP is the remote which provide a more connected experience when playing games, one example being that the remote becomes a wand when playing ‘Fantastic beast and where to find them’. The remote itself has 3 man buttons on the top, one which doubles as a touchpad and volume buttons on the side. like I said as a unit in comparison to similar devices on the market at that price point (£59.99) it remains the best option in my view.


So……Back to the problem, although the Daydream is good, its just ok in the grand scheme of things. When you  first experience it you are blown away and love exploring and trying new things but that quickly fades and attention levels drop fast, in some cases even after 24hrs use. Average consumer VR is cool, but its a fad, when compared to high end Oculus Rift set up or HTC Vive there is simply no comparison in quality or price, with the later products ranging from £700-£1500.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to VR and I truly believe it will be the next big evolution of the internet as we know it, but for now we don’t have easy access to that incredibly immersive high quality experience, meaning we are forced to use sub par alternatives until the better products become more cost effective. IMG_1231.JPG


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