Nintendo Switch: 72 Hours in…

Im gonna be honest, all I wanna do is play Zelda: breath of the wild on my switch right now, to the point where even sleeping is becoming an inconvenience to my game time. So Its still early days but so far, Im impressed. For the purpose of this brief look I will at 5 key areas.


Its safe to say the device is built well, much more so than the the Wii U device previously from Nintendo. Sleek styling accompanied with a slim profile you can tell design was a key factor in the process of creating the switch. In the box you get the main tablet screen, left and right joy-cons plus slide on trigger buttons, joy-con gamepad holder, switch transfer box plus power brick and leads.




So this one caused many a discussion seeing as the tablet screen is 720p LCD, and in a world of amoled, 1080p and 2k, 4k screens many seem unsure about Nintendos decision. Trust me when I say do not worry, the 720p is perfect for the screen size and runs beautifully during gameplay. Its also worth noting that when docked it does output at 1080p on your home TV.


The key USP on the Switch well is the Switch and the seamless transition from home console to handheld console which it does incredibly well. The device has various different  configurations from using the joy-cons separately to being attached to the device, to being attached in the holder and you can also purchase a more conventional pro controller which of course I did. So far handheld is my favourite configuration and its been everywhere with me thus far, I even got in some game time while at a local coffee shop.



Nintendo have quoted up to 6 hours gameplay, but in real life scenario its more like 3 hours. Im guessing this will differ depending on the graphical need of the game but I feel 6 is a stretch. Needless to say Im never more than 3 hours away from a power source so for me thats fine and with the device being USB C it means my phone charger doubles up for my switch also.


I really believe this is the best product Nintendo have ever created and the potential is huge. A few key areas for me would be to make sure this device is supported with key game titles as you could probably count them on one hand right now….not that you need to look any further than Zelda, and yes it is that dam good. The other area would be the online store and gaming as it still feels very version 1.0/beta in some cases. As I’ve mentioned before despite owning both PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo hold  a special place in my heart and that would probably go for any 80’s baby, my words of advice, don’t screw it up.





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