Throwback Thursday – Sony MiniDisc

Way back when (1992 to be exact) Sony announced to the world what they believed was a true game changer, the Sony Minidisc. At the time of launch I remember it being touted as a huge deal due to having the quality of a CD but the function of a cassette tape, this was seen as the next big format. Able to store 70 – 80 minutes of music or 1 gig of Hi-MD data and my rough recollection is it could provide a higher compression rate than alternative formats at the time.

I remember pestering my Mum to get me one for Christmas as my need to be the first kid in school with a minidisc was my only focus. When I finally got my hands on one one thing became immediately clear, the choice of music at the time on this particular format was limited to say the least. I then also realised that literally no one else had these things due to the ridiculous price tag (£400-£500) so my eagerness to own one immediately needed not be so urgent.

The MiniDisc limped along year after with less and less sales and the final nails in the coffin came with the arrivals of Mp3 and a certain fruit based device which well and truly killed off the product.

Despite your failure MiniDisic I salute you for your innovation at the time, maybe the world wasn’t ready for you, no matter you will always have a place in the tech memory bank. 🙂

Click to see one of the original commercials



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