Pancake Day..and Game UK

Yes yes, The attached image was done by me….mad skills right 🙂

So work threw down a gauntlet of a pancake competition, and the theme….you guessed it, Google. To be fair it didn’t take me to long to come up with what I wanted to do and the experience has taught me that a pizza cutter works just as well on pancakes. The results should be in tomorrow but between you and me…..I stand a good shout.


Onto the ‘thumbs down’ of the day…..Game UK and what can only be described as their incompetence. Let me paint you a picture, I pre ordered my Nintendo Switch last month, standard grey with Zelda: Breath of the wild, Bomberman plus the Pro controller. The order was processed with no issues and I was sent a nice email confirming my order plus a reference number which has sat, in my inbox until today.

This morning I get another email to which I believe its my “we are getting ready to dispatch” message but no, instead it was “your order has been cancelled”….and thats when things got bad. So I initially called the customer service line and I’am greeted with one of those automated voice activated services so of course it takes me 3 to 4 attempts for the machine to pick up my request.

Then I wait, 10min, 15 min, 25 min, 35min, 45 min, 50 min and yes I was on hold for over an hour. During this time I was also on Twitter messaging @gamedigital and @gamehelps to which something became clear ……..I wasn’t the only one with a cancelled order. When I finally get through to an advisor , she says there has been an issue with the system and that many orders have been cancelled but not to worry as the pre order is still safe and allocated to me.

The advisor then instructs me to wait for a phone call later today from the secure pay line so they can reprocess the order, “fine” I say, even if somewhat annoying. Anyway that was at around 12pm, the department closed at 8pm and guess what…….no call.

Its safe to say I’m pissed which is a far better state than earlier as I went from raging to angry over the course of the day.So tomorrow I will be calling nice and early, with some delicate feedback for how to handle customer queries and resolve issues. Wish me luck.

Update: Finally got my call back and managed to reprocess the order, now lets see if it turns up on Friday, watch this space.



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