Note 7 to rise from the ashes???

I pull no punches when it comes to the Galaxy Note 7 saga, and many describe it as simply shambolic. I owned The GN7 for a total of 2 weeks prior to the fiasco of the recall hitting the global media, and still to this day despite the recall its contender for favourite phone ever.

Despite such a short period of time with the device its safe to say i was very impressed and it was a shame not just to me as a consumer but to many others And the tech world. Samsung tried there best to weather the storm and on the face of things probably did all they could with the issues at hand. Since then Samsung reputation has taken a slight dip despite record profits in certain markets but my question has always been, “what’s happened to all those units just sitting in a factory” ?

Its was widely reported that Samsung collected around 98% of the sold units which  was around 3 million devices. Around 200, 000 units were used in the official investigation so that leaves a estimated 2.8million units sitting gathering dust.

Over the last 24hrs strong rumours suggest that Samsung may been keen to resurrect the GN7 with a smaller battery in selected markets, Although no official word has from Samsung directly, it would provide a possible solution to the large inventory they are still sitting on.

For now its watch this space, lets hope we get some clarification either way over the next few days.




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