I want a new macbook pro so bad it hurts…

I must walk past istore re-sellers and Apple stores 5-6 times a week and every time I’m in the immediate vicinity I find myself wandering into the store and then playing with the 2016 Mac book pro (touch-bar). There is just something about this machine which has its hooks into me, the design, the spec it’s a wonderful machine, and I’m sure its only a matter of time before I take the hit to the bank balance.

Speaking of money, I’m going to address the elephant in the in the room…..the Mac book pro is absolutely stupidly expensive, I mean ‘sell a kidney on the black market’ expensive. The maxed out £4348.99 price tag  is incredible and the sole reason I’m not typing this on one right now. Instead I’m resigned to my  Chromebook Asus flip 10 inch which work supplied me while my go to iPad pro charges in the background.

Apple, if you could do me a favour and reduce the price by about 50% that would be fantastic…..wishful thinking right. I’m sure by year end I will own one of these machines  as my addiction for tech is too strong but for now the head is winning in the head vs heart battle. I’ll be sure to post and update should I get my hands on one, may even do a product review also.

– i🖤T


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