Need a new phone….Don’t buy one right now!

Ok so the title should read, “You would be crazy to buy a flagship phone right now”

2017 is set to be the most significant year in smartphones probably since Apple changed the game 10 years previous. All the big manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of what they can bring to the average consumer and this year is set up to be the most impressive yet.

Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)  is serveral days away and for those that don’t no this is were many OEM manufacturers showcase new products and devices. Now the reason im advising holding of is beacause most of the big players will be launching phones off the back of this event, likely around the March, April, May period. All will no doubt be fully loaded with new specs, new designs plus a few bells and whistles thrown in. You also need to think that even if one of these many new devices doesn’t fit the bill then it should still have a knock on effect with price for the current range meaning you get a better deal.

So here’s my brief list of what to look out for device wise, 

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus- After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco 🔥🔥🔥 the company needs to gain back some faith in products wil also maintaining there reputation for constant innovation
  • Huawei P10/P10 Plus– Following off the back off last years successfull P9 and P9 lite, Huawei look to continue some real momentum.
  • Nokia Various devices– This one I’m most excited about, the great return, not sure what devices will be announced but I’m very intrigued
  • Sony Xperia X2, XZ 2– Not a personal favourite of mine but still they will at least have 2 new devices, possibly more across the portfolio range
  • LG G6– Confirmed to be announced and rumours indicate LG have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this device.
  • HTC 11– Probably the least likely to happen seeing as they have just announced the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play

I’d say these are the ones to look out for, Both Apple and Google wont be launching new devices till Sept/October Is my guess but you never know.

So for the sake of a few weeks, wait, weigh up your options, then make a decision, you will be better served for it.



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