Pokemon go 2nd gen…

OK so this week I posted about how I had fell out of love with Pokemon go only to find myself re-downloading the app today, go figure. So an additional 80 Pokemon have been added to the mix so the need to ‘catch them all’ should be rejuvenated for many users.

In addition to the New Pokemon some other features are, new evolution items, new berries, plus an expanded wardrobe for selected trainer avatar. It still lacks the one killer feature I believe will be a game changer, that being ‘Player vs player’ although rumours still point towards that end in another future update.

Overall the update is significant enough to have made me download it again, although so far my game play has been more a casual boredom killer rather than that competitive addictive must win mentality which gripped  myself and many of the masses when it first launched.

Only Time will tell on how successful this update will be and if its enough to gain back some of its previously lost users.

Gen 2 official trailer




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