The Ultimate comeback???

Remember the brick? That super reliable phone many of us owned back in the day? Remember Snake? Chances are that you owned Nokia 3310 at some point and if you are upwards of 25 years of age, chances are it still remains one of the best phones you ever owned.

So I saw this all over the tech world yesterday and I had to double take, Could Nokia really be re-releasing this classic?, well apparently so. If like me you stay up to date with mobiles you may have been excited hearing Nokia are returning to the mobile arena. Add to the anticipation of new products from this former giant surely the return of a classic would grab your attention.

For those that don’t know , key features were  ‘Indestructible’ form factor plus a battery that lasted ‘forever’…….OK so slight exaggeration but this thing was built so well just saying that doesn’t do it justice.

Where would this phone sit in today’s market you ask, well there is still a huge percentage of people who do not want or need a smart phone and a former household name like Nokia makes this package a winner in my book.

MWC is just around the corner and I for one am excited at what other surprises Nokia and other manufacturers may have in store…….OEM’s take note, Nokia just raised the stakes.


*UPDATE* Its official the Nokia 3310 has a brand new skin, check it out…



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