Why I want Nintendo to succeed…

Nes, GameBoy, SNES, N64, those are the Nintendo consoles I’ve owned in my life and the only ones that have ever peaked my interest. Since the days of Sega and Nintendo ruling the gaming landscape I have always had Nintendo in my heart and its pained me over the later years seeing Xbox and Playstation claim numerous accolades while Nintendo has limped along like a 3 legged dog.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Switch can reach the heights of Xbox and Playstation, their grip on the gaming community is far too substantial. But where I do think the Switch’s strength lies is as true portable solution and with this  new hybrid category that the switch creates it could be a real winner.

Every bone in my body is rooting for the underdog, The Nintendo kid in me has been dormant for far to long and my attention has been split 60/40 between PS4 and Xbox One for the best part of a decade. My advice to you Nintendo is simple…..titles, titles, titles……..Classic nostalgic games, Mario Kart, Mario, Zelda…check, but I also wanna see, COD, Battlefield, Fifa, Resident Evil, etc. Get the Gaming companies on board and I have no doubt that you have a winner on your hands.

Now Roll on March the 3rd:-}

– i🖤T


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