Pokemon Go….Who Cares!!

So Pokemon go did a valentines day event……………..(tumbleweed)

I dunno about you but every time I hear anything to do with Pokemon go its just translates as desperation. Don’t get me wrong when the Niantic blockbuster first landed I was a fully blow Pokemon trainer, like all I could think about was this game above all else to the point that eating and drinking became an inconvenience to me.

But once I had ‘caught them all’ (1st batch) I was done with the game and like many others I had no plans to pick it back up again. My opinion on what went wrong with Pokemon go is that they released it with no real end game, just a repetitive process with varying degrees of difficulty. At peak it was the greatest thing since the discovery of fire,but then 15 million plus users stopped playing in over a month…….15 million, now that’s an attention problem.

Ever since the decline in numbers its just been a constant attention battle with tweaks,changes and events  to try and hold its audience plus recapture more users to the heights of the initial uptake. For me there lies the problem, living in the past and not the here and now.

If i was to give one bit of advice to the creators of Pokemon go it would be simple……Player vs player direct battles……that’s it………I want to be able to go see my friends or even a stranger in the street and battle them there and then for their Pokemon and pokeballs. Add that feature, do that and I guarantee you will see those 15 million users return, and then some. For now it remains a dream but I live in hope, over to you Niantic.



5 Replies to “Pokemon Go….Who Cares!!”

    1. I will absolutely download again if they bring that feature to the app, I’m a fan at heart so I genuinely want it to succeed 💪🏾


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