There is no such thing as the best phone in the world…

Ok so……there is no such thing as the best phone in the world, let me repeat, there is no such thing as the best phone in the world…period.

Most of my work history includes over 10 years plus  in the telco industry and 5 of those years in direct store retail. Ive previously worked my way through from Sales advisor, Supervisor, Assistant Manager and then Manager and throughout that whole time one constant consumer question popped up…”Erm excuse me, could you tell me what the best phone out is?”

Newsflash, the best phone in the world for you right now is the one in your hand, its the one you probably chose or were given, its the one you having been using on a day to day basis and more importantly its the one that fits your needs the most right now. Branding something as the BEST is subjective and as with most things one size does not fit all.

My promise to you is that I will  bring you honest opinions both good, bad and hopefully that may help in some way for making future decisions or maybe you will just stay tuned for shits and giggles either way is good with me.

For those who may be curious my daily drivers are a Google Pixel XL 128gb in black and an Iphone 7 Plus 256gb in matte black and I will be sharing my ‘4 month later‘ reviews on both devices so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for stopping by and I will catch you soon.🤓✌🏾

– I🖤T




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