Oh Alexa…

Christmas Day 2016 I finally got my hands on my very own Amazon Echo, and just like that there was another woman in my life….Alexa. Like any other self respecting tech junkie I tore open the packaging and immediately began downloading the relevant app and setting up the what I could in order to test out my new device. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and if I’m brutally honest…Alexa was being neglected……big time.
I’m a real big fan of the the Amazon smart speaker and I really by into the smart home aspect and what that can bring, from setting a simple alarm to controlling the lights in your home. Where I my attention waned was the inconsistency, such as directing unanswerable questions to the app, or when requesting a certain music track playing a sample track instead despite me having the full song in my  Spotify playlist (the latter is extremely annoying)

So its been a  learning curve, I cant interact with it like I do Google Assistant on my pixel, I almost have to dull my intelligence level in order to interact with a smart speaker (crazy right). Ok so that previous line sounds harsh but that’s how it felt. Once you embrace the fact that this thing isn’t Skynet and that it does have limitations, the device itself in my opinion is pretty awesome and now I’ve learnt its quirky behaviour I have really gone full throttle with it over the last week.

I definitely recommend this smart speaker if the smart home thing peaks your interest, and if you do have any reservations then go for the Dot @ 49.99 rather than going straight in @ 149.99 for the Echo. Right now the Amazon product is probably the best option around in the relevant category as the Google Home has Not launched in the UK yet, certainly be interesting when it does though.

Thanks for stopping by🤓✌🏾

– i🖤T


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